No job is too big or too small for SPFE, and we believe in long-term partnerships.

To ensure that our valued SPFE customers can be among the best in their fields, SPFE supports them with our in-house team of design, development, and construction professionals. In the development process, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we meet their goals for product introduction to the market. Through SPFE’s development work within the fields of motors, actuator systems, gearing, control units and remote controls. SPFE provides targeted and efficient customer solutions, no matter if the final product is in the higher segment or a lower one.

Customer Design

During the last years, SPFE has increased its cooperation with established customers to bring new and customized designs.
Through SPFE’s development efforts, we can offer our customers design concepts with various possibilities.

Whether it is a full product concept with different adjustability, such as

Adjustable Height

90 Degree or 120 Degree Solutions

Electric, Crank Solutions?

Freestanding or Wallmount Solutions

OEM Services

SPFE teams up with some of the best independent designers, engineers and components suppliers both in China and internationally to deliver a robust and original concept.
We guarantee that SPFE’s products will be of the highest quality and well-tested with all necessary certificates ready for delivery, and your final approval.


SPFE offers a very long list of standard components. SPFE can satisfy custom needs within a short time by making adjustments to these already developed components. We can also supply some completely customized designs according to individual requirements.


If one of our customers is missing something from our wide-ranged components program, then SPFE’s team is standing by to assist with something new?


SPFE’s flexible boxing system, on which our customers may print logos and other information is a unique solution and ensures no damage to the products during transportation.


SPFE is committed to delivering products of the highest quality and standards.

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