SPFE Event

The highly anticipated Global Series from SPFE is officially launched today. The Global Series is our high-level product line. Its column is an aesthetic round tube design. As one of our smart office ergonomic solutions, it comes with a self-cleaning and scratch preventing gliding system to protect columns from stains and gliding marks.

Being compatible with SPFE control unit and motor, frames from this series obtain high stability and low noise level to improve your new workspace environment. No matter what your preferences would be, we will satisfy all your needs with customized solutions, connecting double, multiple or even 12 legs to one seamless and synchronized system. We now have Global Freestanding for your reference and Global Back to Back, Benching and Global Cluster will come very soon.

Learn more about the Global Series, Welcome to visit the official website pages below:

Global Series | SPFE Scandinavia Frame Solutions

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