Office Ergonomics

In a world where we all focus more and more on our lifestyle and being healthy, we need to secure that we all do some exercise during the day in one way or the other.

For many who have office work and sit with their computers 8 hours a day – they know the result can be shoulders, arm, and neck problems.

We at SPFE Scandinavia design and build ergonomic frame solutions so work tables can move from the sitting position to standing position. It is our purpose and goal to give our customers a better and healthier life—24/7.

Did You Know?

● Sitting more than 6+ hours a day increases the risk of death by up to 40% even if you still exercise!
● Obese people tend to sit between 2 and 3 hours more than thinner folks.
● Chewing gum burns more calories than sitting.
● People who sit for work have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease than those who stand for work.

Why Not Try
a Height Adjustable Desk?

Medical experts tell us that sitting is killing us!
Your back already knows this!

Too many people are uncomfortable at work and suffer from the aches and pains of having to sit all day. In fact, experts tell us that too much sitting is literally killing us. They recommend standing as much as possible, which is a great idea except for how challenging that is at work.

One way to achieve less sitting and more standing are to use a height adjustable desk which allows you to raise or lower the work surface for different purposes.

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